Class of 1965
Class of 1960 Mini-Reunion Forestville, CA   May 24, 2009
John and Susan Dicello, Ron Herriott and Pam Quarg Herriott (Class of 1965), John and Wynne Bergman, Bob Curley and Kathleen Costa Curley, Al Penzel
Pam Quarg Herriott and Ron Herriott
Pamela Sharpe Grosse and Stanley Grosse
Our first mini-reunion:  Bob & Loretta Zermani and Pam Quarg Herriott & Ron Herriott at Fenton Herriott Vineyards for a BBQ on June 26, 2010
Pam, Ron & Makena buying fireworks at Capuchino's stand in San Bruno--one of the only cities on the Peninsula that allows legal fireworks
Susan Marcus Langfelder-Class of 1960, Stanley Grosse-Art Director, John Uriarte-Class of 1965, Pam Quarg Herriott-Class of 1965 and Ron Herriott-Class of 1960 in Maui at Stanley's home - Feb 2010
Auntie Mame - Capuchino 1965 - Stanley Grosse
Pam Fornesi, John Neary, Brent Wilson, Sue Bedford, Marvin Schenck, Juda Rahill, Bob Braun, Janet Cooper (Let me know if you know anyone else who is in this picture...thanks!)
Terry Flinn and Polly 1965